Benefits of Artificial Grass

You likely walked or drove past artificial grass this past week and did not know it.  Artificial grass has advanced to the point that it looks similar to real grass.  However, the beauty of artificial grass is not the only reason why it grows more popular by the year.  Here’s a quick look at the advantages of artificial grass.

Put Down the Rake, Mower and Other Yard Equipment for Good

If you are like most property owners, you are tired of raking, mowing, weed whacking and performing other yardwork.  Instead of fussing around with yard equipment, opt for the convenience of artificial grass that does not require ongoing maintenance.  Though a couple weeds might pop up from time to time, they won’t compromise your artificial grass.  This is the no-stress lawn you’ve been waiting for!

Skip the Fertilizer

The time has come to put an end to adding chemicals to your lawn.  Your artificial grass will look clean and crisp without fertilizer.  There is no dirt or other natural components within artificial grass so insects are not drawn to it. 

Safe for People and Pets

Artificial grass is perfectly safe for humans and pets.  You, your kids, your pets and others can traverse your artificial grass lawn without worry of injury, poisoning or any other harm.  Dogs treat artificial grass just like regular grass though the cleanup with artificial grass is that much easier for you, the property owner.

No Holes

If you have a dog, a child or a mole in your yard, you are likely familiar with the holes they inevitably create.  Opt for artificial grass and you won’t have to worry about such holes.  Nor will there be any worry of dogs creating holes and subsequently tracking dirt and mud into your home as artificial grass is built to prevent burrowing.


There is a common misconception that artificial grass is absurdly expensive simply because it is large and somewhat futuristic.  Check out the cost of artificial grass compared to that of planting new grass, watering it, fertilizing it and maintaining it and you will realize artificial grass is the better option.  Though some artificial lawns occasionally require watering and spot cleaning, you won’t have to bother with an elaborate sprinkler system that operates at a high frequency.  Crunch the numbers and you’ll find the addition of artificial grass is a net positive for your budget in the long-term.

Say Goodbye to Grass Stains

Your kids can go all out of artificial grass without any worry of grass stains or mud stains.  Kids and pets alike can slide across artificial grass during play without any markings.  The same cannot be said of regular grass that leads to ugly grass stains and streaks that do not always come out with one or two wash cycles.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Artificial grass looks amazing throughout the entirety of the year.  Opt for artificial grass and you will love the look of your front and back lawn as it won’t turn brown or have any dead spots.  There is no potential for the artificial grass to freeze in the winter thanks to the infill.  Add in the fact that rain does not cause artificial grass to become brittle and there is even more reason to add it to your property.

No More Puddles

Just about every homeowner has a trouble spot in the yard where puddling occurs after rainfall.  The beauty of artificial grass is that it is carefully rolled into position and smoothed out to prevent valleys and grooves where water builds up into puddles.  Furthermore, your artificial grass lawn will be designed with irrigation channels that move remaining water away and also help prevent it from pooling in areas with a comparably low elevation.

Artificial Grass Helps Save the Environment

Most homeowners are surprised to learn an investment in artificial grass will help preserve the environment.  Fertilizers contain chemicals that will move down below real grass and pollute the dirt as well as surrounding areas.  Pesticides also pose a risk to the planet, pets and possibly even some family members.  Instead of worrying about your impact on the environment with regular grass, opt for worry-free living with artificial grass that holds strong and looks amazing even without chemical additives.  An added bonus is the fact that your artificial lawn won’t require nearly as much water as a regular lawn, ultimately helping to conserve water and also lower your monthly water bill.

Time is on Your Side

Regular grass is torn up when the weather is harsh, when subjected to the weight of automobile tires and as a result of mowing after rainfall.  Instead of replanting grass over and over again, opt for an artificial lawn with grass that lasts between 12 and 15 years yet only requires minimal maintenance.

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