Sprinkler Installation/Repair

Sprinkler Installation and Repair Services in Fort Worth

Irrigation Services in Fort Worth and Surrounding Cities

Are you tired of having to water your lawn every day? You don’t have to be. With the right irrigation services and sprinkler system installation, you’ll have a lovely lawn and garden without the work. We are dedicated to helping our Fort Worth community with irrigation services, sprinkler system installation, irrigation repair, and sprinkler line movement.

As a homeowner, you might want in-ground irrigation or drip irrigation. There are benefits to either. We provide complete irrigation services in Fort Worth and surrounding cities, including initial irrigation setup, consulting, and repair.

Irrigation services make it easier to maintain trees, a yard, and a garden because you won’t need to worry about the amount of water in your yard. Everything can be set up on a timer so that the water is delivered during the perfect time of day — and you can adjust as needed based on the temperature and season.

Today’s irrigation services can even be connected to via Wi-Fi for added control and convenience.

But we don’t just install new irrigation services. We also repair and move existing ones too. If you have any irrigation needs in Fort Worth or the surrounding cities, contact us today.

Sprinkler System Installation

Sprinkler systems can save you hours a week. Rather than having to spend your time watering your lawn, you can spend time enjoying it. More than that, irrigation systems water your lawn with a precision that you can’t achieve yourself, ensuring your lawn gets water when it’s best for it.

Watering a lawn during the very early morning hours or very late hours is usually best, especially in a warm climate like Fort Worth’s. But meeting that schedule is not always feasible because of other responsibilities or the necessity of relaxation.

A sprinkler system can operate on a timer, making sure that your lawn is always perfectly watered regardless of the ideal time of day. And you can get a sprinkler system installed over your lawn (more affordable) or under your lawn (more attractive) depending on your needs.

Irrigation Repair

Sometimes sprinkler systems break down. This can be due to old age, or it could be due to something like tree roots moving. No system is perfect. But the good news is that sprinkler systems are designed to be fairly easy to repair, and we’ll be able to get them running again in virtually no time at all. 

Irrigation repair may mean that the lines have to be dug up first. That’s not a big issue, though. They can then be put back, and fresh sod can be installed overtop. But first, the leaks have to be discovered. If you have an irrigation system that needs to be repaired, we can come out to inspect it.

It’s always best to repair an irrigation system the second that you learn that there’s something wrong with it. In the short term, a leak can produce some overgrown grass. In the future, a leak could lead to significant damage to your home’s foundation or damage to your landscaping — problems that are much harder to fix.

Sprinkler Line Movement

It’s possible that, over time, you’ll need to move your sprinkler lines. If you’ve done new landscaping or your sprinkler needs have changed, your sprinkler lines may need to be dug up, and new trenches may need to be placed. The team at Clearfork Lawn Care can do this all for you, in addition to determining where the lines should best be placed.

Sprinklers are great systems to have. Once they’re installed, they’re an incredible time-saver. Not only will you not have to track another thing during your busy day, but you’ll have healthier landscaping overall.

Most Common Sprinkler Problems and Solutions

Virtually every sprinkler system will develop issues over time. System components will age and gradually deteriorate, sediment and bacteria can build up and clog the lines, tree roots may grow into the lines and shift or damage them, and sometimes, parts just randomly break.

At Clearfork Lawncare, we can diagnose and repair any problems your irrigation system may be experiencing to get your sprinklers back up and running properly as quickly as possible. Some of the most common sprinkler problems we see include:

Water Leaks

Leaks can be caused by damaged lines, valves, controller issues, pump issues, and several other problems. They may be highly visible or could occur underground, where you won’t notice something is wrong until your water bills steadily climb.

Solution: Locate the leak and repair the damaged component(s) or replace them. In some cases, this may involve digging up sections of the ground to find a line leak, while in others, a leak can be solved quickly and easily without any digging whatsoever. Our experienced DFW irrigation system repair specialists can easily locate the source of any sprinkler leak, diagnose the problem, and find the appropriate solution to restore normal operation.

Clogged Sprinkler Heads

Sprinkler system heads can easily develop clogs caused by sediment buildup, bacteria and slime buildup, and lawn debris or dirt accumulating in head filters. Blockages will cause water pressure or spray pattern problems that you’ll notice each time your system turns on or may even prevent sprinkler heads from popping up altogether.

Solution: Cleaning the head nozzles and filters will usually eradicate clogs, but if a good cleaning doesn’t solve the problem, replacing the affected head(s) will.

Faulty or Nonfunctional Controller

Over time, an irrigation system controller can develop issues with the timer dial, may fail to keep time properly, or may fail to operate in manual or auto mode.

Solution: Each of these issues requires a different solution. Depending on the problem at hand, the transformer may need to be repaired or replaced, the solenoids may need replacing, or the controller may need to be reset. Our DFW sprinkler system repair experts can diagnose any controller issue that may crop up and either repair it or completely replace the faulty component to restore normal system control.

Pump Buzzing

A once-quiet pump that suddenly or gradually begins making noise could have relay system issues caused by contact point oxidation, a bad start capacitor, a seized-up motor, insufficient voltage to a solenoid, or water supply issues. In some cases, other pump issues can produce a buzzing sound as well.

Solution: Find the faulty pump component(s), diagnose the issue, and repair the part that’s causing the noise. If the pump itself is going bad, we’ll replace it so your irrigation system functions quietly once again.

Improper Water Pressure

When water begins streaming from sprinkler heads instead of spraying from them, low water pressure is almost always the culprit. And when water mists from irrigation heads rather than sprays, excessive water pressure is almost always the cause. Tree root intrusions, clogs in the lines, and several other issues can cause a system to develop this problem over time.

Solution: When portions of a system are experiencing low water pressure, cleaning the sprinkler heads in that zone may solve the problem. If it doesn’t, line clogs may exist, in which case they’ll need to be cleared.

Both low and high water pressure can be caused by damaged sprinkler heads, which must be replaced to restore normal water flow. Malfunctioning valves can also create water pressure issues, and if that’s the case, the faulty valves must be replaced to restore optimal water spray.

If you need a new sprinkler installed or want an old one repaired or replaced, contact Clearfork Lawn Care today. We serve homes in and around the Fort Worth region. Contact us today to find out more about your options.