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Water Feature Installation in Fort Worth & Surrounding Cities

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What is the difference between a beautiful lawn and an enchanted escape in your own backyard? There are plenty of viable answers. It might be your outdoor kitchen, your delightful garden or a fort for the kids. For people who deeply value a sense of peace and wonder, it’s probably a water feature.

Clearfork Lawn Care offers a range of water features available for any home or business in the Fort Worth area. We offer custom options, design, and installation, so your feature will be uniquely yours and will satisfy that inner need.

Our most popular options are fountains, waterfalls, water walls, ponds and brooks. Fountains offer a small injection of moving water with a customizable piece that says a lot about you. Waterfalls and water walls focus more about the compelling sounds of moving water and create large visuals that can center and define a space.

Brooks offer a softer sound and a gentle beauty. Meanwhile, ponds are perfect for stillness and reflection.

For every outdoor space, there is a perfect water feature that completes the package. Take a deeper look at what we do with these popular options to round out lawns in the Fort Worth area.

Fountain Construction and Installation

Some say that a fountain is a yard’s most magical element. They come in a variety of shapes, colors, and designs, and the water element brings a sense of tranquility to any outdoor area. When you want a feeling of peace and seclusion, the fountain can provide it, even in the middle of Fort Worth.

Sometimes fountains are more about the statement. A custom design can express something truly meaningful to you, your family, or your business. A grand fountain captures attention and makes a point. A small fountain can provide just the right change in ambiance to make everything feel just right. Everything in between is available and can serve a meaningful purpose.

We offer fountain construction and installation. That means you aren’t limited to a small range of prefabricated fountains. You can let your creativity loose and opt for a fountain that is unique and suits you and your space perfectly. Whether your desired fountain is for a lawn or to be a statement for a business, we can install the fountain to make your outdoor space feel special. Furthermore, we can ensure that it will last a long time.

Waterfalls and Water Walls

Waterfalls are the go-to way to add a water sound to an outdoor space. The trickling can range from a soft babble to a low roar, and finding the right sound is a great way to add dimension to the ambiance of your space. We construct waterfalls that fit that niche, and we can construct them from beautiful stone that is just as charming and calming.

Water walls are another great way to introduce the sound of flowing water. Whereas a waterfall is great for natural colors, a water wall gives you new visual options. Tile walls can come in virtually any combination of colors and designs. The walls can empty into a pond, a wishing well, or a brook. Whatever option suits your yard, we can help you craft it and make your special space into something spectacular.

Backyard Ponds and Brooks

Backyard ponds are one of the most peaceful additions imaginable. Whether you stock them with fish like koi or leave them unoccupied, the backyard ponds bring stillness to the yard. A clear reflecting pool can be an amazing escape, even when it’s only steps away from the house.

Brooks serve a similar purpose, but the running water can be soothing and enchanting. Your brook can be small, simple, and pleasant, or it can run the course of the yard. Whatever feels right, we can help you make it happen.

Your water features are already within reach. Contact Clearfork Lawn Care today. We’ll discuss options, help you with design, and get you on a path that gets the feature you want in your Fort Worth yard. A great water feature makes all the difference in the world, and you can have yours soon. It all starts with a simple conversation.