Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation in Fort Worth

Landscape Lighting Services in Tarrant County

Landscaping services don’t quit after dark. The best lawns should be enjoyed at any hour, and to do that, you need a top-notch lighting system. We’re talking about more than a simple porch light that lets you see the doorway. A proper exterior lighting scheme will illuminate your yard and create an ambiance that can’t be captured in words.

Clearfork Lawn Care provides three tiers of outdoor lighting services that ensure you have everything you could ever need for a gorgeous evening outdoor space.

We start with outdoor lighting design. We can show you the latest technologies and options that allow you to choose colors, brightness, and patterns that dazzle the eye and make you smile.

We follow up with a professional installation. Many lighting systems need electrical work, and we have the certifications to provide all of it safely and up to code.

We also offer landscape lighting maintenance and repair services throughout Dallas/Fort Worth. Even if we didn’t install or design the system, we know lights, and we can make sure they are in good working order for you. As you look through each of these services, you’ll see that Clearfork Lawn Care is devoted to providing a full suite of services that grant everything you need for amazing lawn lighting.

Landscape Lighting Design

Landscape lighting is an art form unto itself. If you have ever seen a properly lit yard, you understand that this is about so much more than shining lights in areas to see better at light. It’s about creating an entire aesthetic that is captivating and inspiring. The most beautiful lawn in the world is still nothing if it’s covered in shadows in the dark. It is your lighting that makes all of the difference.

Clearfork Lawn Care is not new to outdoor lighting. We have years of experience and considerable expertise in this area. We can help you design a lighting scheme from scratch. With abundant lighting resources to fuel your creativity, we can help you put together a system that makes your gorgeous lawn truly spectacular when the sun goes down. With great lighting, you might find your outdoor space shines brighter in the night.

We also offer functional lighting design services in Dallas/Fort Worth. While we pride ourselves on beautiful work, there are other boxes to check in the process. Our gorgeous lighting systems will ensure that walkways and hazards are properly visible and safe. We can also help with security lighting that discourages would-be wrongdoers from thinking your home is a good target.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

When the design is done, it’s time for the next step. Professional lighting installation is a requirement for high-level lighting systems that will serve you well for a long time. We have the skills, tools, and techniques to erect lighting exactly where you want it, and we can ensure that it is erected in a way that can stand up to the elements in Fort Worth.

Our installation crews will survey the area and provide the additional services that are often necessary to guarantee the integrity of the system. That might mean trenching for power lines and other technical work that makes the system work.

We also offer advanced lighting systems. If you want to control your lights from an app on your phone or customize the intricacies of your system to make your lighting truly original, we can provide. Our experts can ensure that even the most advanced control systems are up, running, and require minimal input on your end. We will thoroughly test everything before we are done, and the end result is that you have the exact lighting you want and can expect it to perform for years.

Outside Lighting System Maintenance & Repair

When you invest in outdoor lighting systems, you are getting powerful technology that can serve a multitude of functions. Lighting automation and efficiency are baked into the package, and it provides a lot of convenience. It also complicates the system, and no matter how well it is designed, it will need maintenance and repair.

Clearfork Lawn Care doesn’t stop at designing and installing landscape lighting. We offer maintenance packages and on-demand repair services. Even if you have complicated lighting schemes with precision equipment that requires experts for repair, we are ready to take care of all of it for you. We’ve been lighting the Fort Worth area for years, and we’re intimately familiar with the hardware and systems that run the best lighting setups in the area.

No matter what lighting needs arise in your Fort Worth yard or outdoor space, Clearfork Lawn Care is here for you. Contact us today to get started designing an amazing lighting scheme that will be truly transformative. If you need emergency repair or services, give us a call. We’ll come running to make sure your lighting is in top shape.