Facts About Sod

Most people take sod for granted for good reason. Sod is positioned at a low elevation, so it isn’t at eye level. As is often said, what is out of sight is out of mind, so sod isn’t exactly at the forefront of the average person’s mind. However, once you do a little digging into what sod is really all about, the important function it provides, and the role it plays, it becomes quite intriguing. Let’s take a quick look at some interesting facts about sod you probably didn’t know.

Sod’s Interaction With Water Is Unique

When the word “sod” or “grass” is used, most people don’t immediately think of water. However, the truth is, grass clippings consist of 90% water. It is also interesting to note that sod has a lower water rate than the vast majority of bushes and trees.

Sod is also interesting in the context of water as it makes it easier to purify water moving into the earth as the microbes and even some of the roots serve as filters. The filtering process deconstructs harmful pollutants, benefiting the health and beauty of the yard all the more. Add in the fact that a lawn consisting of sod will absorb significantly more water than a seeded lawn, and there is even more reason to opt for the sodded variety.

Sod Minimizes Noise Pollution

There is a common misconception that the addition of storm doors and windows is the only way to reduce outdoor noise. However, the truth is that a grassy area that spans more than 50 feet of space along a roadside is quite effective at reducing noise pollution. Such a sodded space has the potential to reduce annoying noise pollution from automobiles by more than one-third, ultimately improving quality of life.

Sod Benefits More Than Your Yard

A beautifully sodded yard is certainly visually striking and improves the property value, yet there are other reasons to add sod to the front or backyard of a home. Sod is what economists refer to as a positive externality, as its installation proves beneficial not only for those in its immediate vicinity but for others as well, benefitting the collective interest of the public as a whole. The little-known truth is that only trees and algae rank ahead of grass in terms of oxygen production from green sources. Most people are taken aback by the fact that an acre of grass generates more oxygen than the same amount of space in a rainforest densely packed with tall trees and other greenery.

Sod’s Interaction With Its Surroundings

Sod is at a low elevation, so it tends to be overlooked, especially when juxtaposed with colorful surroundings. Sod is certainly an afterthought, yet it plays an important role in the ecosystem, facilitating a comfortable space for people and animals. Though few know it, this material reduces sun glare by about 25%. Sod is also an affordable answer to erosion stemming from water and wind.

Sod Is Beneficial to Mental Health

Few things are more satisfying than waking up to the morning dew on lovely green sod while sipping your morning coffee and looking forward to the day ahead. Simply staring at healthy and well-maintained sod really does have the potential to lift your spirit. The mere presence of grass combined with its growth and cycles enhances moods all the more. Plenty of hospital patients provided with views of lush green landscapes reported feeling happier and even recovering faster than those who did not have such a view.

Sod Minimizes Erosion

Part of the reason why sod has soared in popularity in recent years and decades is its ability to prevent problems tied to erosion. Properly installed sod also helps combat potentially ruinous mud and makes it easier to control dust and thwart invasive weeds. Choose sod, and you won’t have to use nearly as many herbicides as would otherwise be necessary. Sod can even be laid throughout the entirety of the year, regardless of the season. Sod achieves rapid stabilization, bringing out the best in your property both in terms of aesthetics and value.

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