How to Make Your Grass Greener

Having a lawn is great. You get to play fun games in the summer. You can walk barefoot through it in the spring. You can simply appreciate its beauty through most of the year. There is a reason part of the American dream includes a gorgeous lawn.

The problem is that the grass doesn’t always cooperate. While your neighbors might have luscious grass everywhere, yours seems to be struggling. There are brown patches and issues, and it’s all rather frustrating. Is there anything you can do to make the grass greener?

The answer is yes. With just a few care tips and some routine work, your lawn can be as rich and vibrant as any, and we’re going to walk you through those tips right now.

Water Correctly

There are many different types of grass, and each has different water needs and tolerances. The vast majority of grasses will want deep watering. For that, you need a sprinkler system that can efficiently sustain long watering sessions. The key is to soak the ground as deeply as reasonably possible, and longer sessions are better suited for that than short sessions. That said, longer sessions obviously release a lot more water, and some grasses will be overwatered if you do this daily. Check your grass and figure out how many days a week it should get a deep drench.


The grass needs nutrients. As you know, fertilizer is essential for injecting nutrients into the soil. What some don’t know is that natural fertilizers are widely available. They tend to work better than synthetic fertilizers, and they are safer for the environment. The best natural fertilizer may depend on the type of grass you have, and so too will the fertilizing schedule.

Too much fertilizer can burn the grass, especially if it is new sod. Always check what fertilizers are best for your species of grass and how they should be applied. If you’re ever in doubt, you can ask a lawn care specialist.


Most people have a vague idea of aeration. You put holes in the ground, but understanding it a little better can help you do it effectively. Aeration isn’t actually about punching holes in the dirt at all. Instead, making those holes is the best way to achieve the true goal.

When you walk on your lawn, you compress the ground. Natural forces can add to this compression, and as the soil gets tight and compacted, it becomes harder for the dirt to absorb water, air, and nutrients. Your water and fertilizer are less effective when the soil has this issue.

When you punch aeration holes into the dirt, you create space for everything to loosen up a bit. That space increases soil absorption, and your grass is healthier as a result.

Aerating tools are specifically designed to provide the right depth and space for good aeration. If you use those tools once a year, you’ll be in good shape to aerate the grass without damaging its root system.

Mow the Lawn

Mowing your lawn is not an exercise in making things pretty (although it certainly achieves that). It’s good for the grass. When you mow to the correct height — which again depends on the type of grass — you can stimulate growth. The general idea is that the grass responds to being cut with a surge of growth, and that growth makes the individual blades healthier and greener.

Look up mowing depth recommendations for your type of grass, and pay special attention to recommendations for grass that grows horizontally. It can be a bit trickier to mow correctly.

Beat Disease Early

It is often difficult to spot signs of lawn disease without training. Unfortunately, fungal infections are common, and they can devastate the grass. Non-microbial pests are also a threat that annihilates healthy grass. If you’re seeing signs of trouble, contact an expert to get an early inspection. Spotting disease quickly is the best way to overcome it, and doing so can help your grass rebound nicely. If you take too long, you might be laying new sod.

Greener grass comes from proper routine care. If lawn care feels like a chore and isn’t something you naturally love, then get a little help. Clearfork Lawn Care can design beautiful lawns around Fort Worth and give you tips for the best and most efficient regular care. Contact us today, and we’ll take a look at your lawn. With a professionally crafted care plan, you’ll be sure to have lush green grass everywhere you want it.