Landscape Maintenance FAQ

When you own a home in the Dallas–Fort Worth area, lawn maintenance can involve a lot of work. Turf-scorching summer temperatures and water restrictions can easily have damaging effects on your grass and other foliage. And if you’re unfamiliar with the best ways to maintain your lawn, you could easily end up with a scraggly looking yard that detracts from your home’s aesthetic. Worse, poorly maintained landscaping may even negatively affect your property value.

If you want to maintain your lawn and landscaping in the best possible condition year round, our team at Clearfork Lawncare is here to help. Check out our landscaping maintenance FAQs below for helpful tips and tricks.

What’s the Best Way to Water My Lawn?

There are several ways to keep turf well hydrated, but the best way to water a lawn is the method that you can be most consistent with. If you’re like most homeowners, you’d rather not mess with a bunch of hoses or have to remember to turn sprinklers on every day. That’s where an underground sprinkler system can be hugely helpful.

With a sprinkler system, you can put watering your lawn on autopilot. Just program the system to turn on when you want it to, and it’ll water your lawn at the same time every day. You’ll never have to worry about your turf and plants getting dehydrated and scorched because you got busy and forgot to turn your hoses and sprinklers on.

At Clearfork, we specialize in comprehensive sprinkler system installation for DFW homeowners. Our expert technicians can design a system that delivers adequate irrigation to all of your grass and foliage so nothing gets over or underwatered. If you have an existing irrigation system that isn’t quite cutting it, we can also assess and reroute segments of the sprinkler line to improve water distribution.

What Can I Do About Poor Sprinkler Spray Patterns or Nonfunctional Heads?

All sprinkler systems need routine maintenance to perform their best, so if your system hasn’t been serviced in a while, schedule a maintenance appointment. The pros will inspect the entire system for damage and faulty components and replace any parts that are causing problems. If your system has poor water flow, you might also need to have the lines blown out to restore spray patterns.

At Clearfork, our sprinkler maintenance experts can handle all of your irrigation maintenance and repair needs. Whether you’re dealing with leaks, damaged sprinkler heads, bad spray patterns, or uneven water distribution, we can find and fix the problem.

I’m Rarely Home — What Kind of Grass Requires the Least Maintenance?

Any type of live grass you might install around your house will require a good deal of maintenance, especially throughout the summer months. So if you’re not home often and can’t invest time caring for your yard, you may want to consider having artificial grass installed.

Modern artificial turf looks remarkably real, so if you’re concerned about aesthetics, it’ll give a perfect-looking lawn every time. You also have several texture options to choose from, depending on the aesthetic you’re looking to create and the amount of traffic a particular area sees.

At Clearfork, we specialize in artificial grass installation and design and can handle your whole yard or install fake turf in select areas. We’ll advise you on the best types of artificial grass for your needs and goals so you can enjoy a flawless-looking lawn that requires almost no maintenance all year round.

What’s the Best Way to Fix a Patchy Lawn?

If your lawn has dead areas or patches of visible dirt, sod installation is the best way to fix that. While you can try to distribute seeds and wait to see whether they’ll take, planting grass from seed doesn’t always yield consistent results. In some cases, especially when it’s dry outside, grass seeds may not even take.

At Clearfork, we specialize in sod installation for residential and commercial properties and can advise you on the best type of lawn grass for the amount of light your property receives. We’ll also make sure you have the right watering schedule to help your new sod thrive and will help you care for your new sod in its early growth stages.

If you want to make sure your turf stays as healthy as possible, we can keep your new landscaping in excellent condition with our pay-as-you-go or contract lawn maintenance service.

Clearfork Lawncare: Your Fort Worth Lawn Maintenance Experts

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